Cataloging Update

Hello All!

We discovered that while attaching holdings during the catalog process, you will now need to change BOTH the ‘Current Location’ and the ‘Permanent Location.’ You only had to change ‘Current Location’ before the new update, now you need to change them both. I’ve attached a screen print so that you can see what I’m talking about. It’s not a huge change, but you will need to be sure to change both boxes.
Sara Mc

Deleting Bibs Document Revised

The Deleting Bibs Document on the Cataloging Page has been updated.   To view this document check out the Cataloging Page. 


Deleting Reserves

An item which is awaiting pickup, in other words it’s reserved for
checkout, needs to be checked in in order to “delete” the reserve, by
checking in the item, Verso will check to see if there are any other
reserves that item might satisfy.

Mark Hewes
Auto-Graphics, Inc.